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5401 22nd Ave N

St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Our campus has two churches meeting in one location. Currently Palm Lake meets outside to the left in the parking lot. We (Life Church) meet to the right back of

the property INSIDE the Fellowship Hall.

You can also join us for a time of prayer,

worship and Word during our

LIVE STREAM Sundays at 10:00AM

Dear Life Church Family,


It has been a long time since we've been together as a family and we look forward to being alongside each other again! After much prayer and careful consideration with our church council and Foursquare leadership, we will begin a phased opening of our service meetings. We've reviewed federal, state, county and city guidelines and recommendations, and have developed a safe opening plan consisting of three phases.


We're excited to announce that starting this Sunday, May 17 we will begin Phase OneWe value your safety as well as the need to worship together, and we're doing our best to meet both necessities as we reconvene.

I don't believe its a coincidence that our last time together was in our old meeting place and our first time back is in our NEW location. I believe God has new beginnings for all of us, as individuals, as the church and as a nation!


We look forward to seeing many of you this Sunday.

Love God, love people!


- Pastor John

  • Currently, Church is OPEN - You can join us on Sundays!

  • Anyone who has shown any signs of infection or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 will be asked to stay home (14 days).

  • Anyone who is immune compromised, we recommend stay home at this time.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided.

  • Masks required for adults.

  • Enhanced sanitation plan: all surfaces (door handles, chairs, bathrooms, etc.) will be disinfected before and after service.

  • Practice social distancing in accordance with common guidelines:

    • Family groups can sit together.

    • Chairs 6' apart otherwise.

    • No groups over 10 seated together.

  • We've paused complimentary snacks, kids' church and youth meetings until further notice.

  • Effective date TBA.

  • Continue with Phase One implementing the following revisions:

    • Anyone who is immune compromised may attend at their own discretion, but required to wear mask.

    • Snacks and refreshments will be pre-packaged (servers must wear gloves).

    • Communion will be individually packaged.

    • Resume youth meetings.

  • Effective date TBA.

  • Continue with Phase Two implementing the following revisions:

    • Anyone who has shown any signs of infection or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 will be asked to stay home (7 days).

    • Return to customary seating.

    • Serve fresh foods.

    • Open kids' church.




To be an authentic Christian community that lives and demonstrates the love of Jesus as we grow together.


Free donuts and coffee available before and during service. Sometimes we mix in something healthy just to confuse people.


We have a wonderful children's ministry every Sunday during service for PK to age 10.


Atmosphere is casual. Shorts, jeans, whatever you're comfortable wearing. (Suit and tie is permitted with a note from your mother.)


We're a family of 40 people and growing.


Pastor John preaches 30 minute messages that are encouraging, challenging and Biblically grounded, with a dash of humor.


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U-Turn Youth

Our youth group meets Thursdays at 7PM.

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We're part of The Foursquare Church.(Rooted in Scripture, Responsive to

a Changing World.)

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